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Website Hosting Reviews 2020

Looking for the best website hosting reviews for your personal and business site? Do you need a reliable, secure, and cheap web hosting plan? If yes then check out our tested best web hosting reviews for 2020.

Choosing the right website hosting service provider is not an easy task. There is a lot of website hosting companies that are claiming to the best web hosting company in the market. But you have to be vigilant and choose the best web hosting package that perfectly meant your customers demand and budget. You have to understand and evaluate the different packages offered by reputed website hosting companies. Do you go for shared hosting in your limited budget? or looking for a dedicated server or cloud hosting? How much bandwidth should be? These are the main questions that demand answers.

The InflexGuide hosting experts have viewed more than 100 web hosting providers which include free, paid, shared, dedicated, virtual and cloud etc. We also evaluate their services and prices that web hosting companies are offering. Now we are quite confident no one actively and carefully reviews website hosting services more than we do.

We’ve provided a comprehensive and updated summary of each website hosting providers and their best offering to their customers. We are quite confident that each particular web hosting reviews will help you to choose the ideal web hosting for your business or personal site or blog.

  1. Bluehost Website Hosting – Best Web Hosting Provider

First Checkout the some best features of the Bluehost web hosting packages.

  1. Unmetered bandwidth
  2. Free domain
  3. Free site migration
  4. 24×7-US-based support

Bluehost won first-class awards for our web hosting plan. The Utah company is one of the reputed companies that has been working for nearly two decades and is owned by web giant Endurance International Group (EIG). The EIG or Endurance International Group is currently operating more than 2 million sites worldwide.

Bluehost offers basic sharing for just $2.75 a month with WordPress plans that start from $20 per month. This basic sharing package is being offered at the introductory price at a discount.

In this Bluehost website hosting package, you will get an automated WordPress setup, not to mention other popular apps using a system powered by Mojo Marketplace. There is also a cPanel based area that allows expert users to rotate things.

With this package, you will get a Weebly-based site builder. This is a basic browser based affair that allows you to create sites of up to six pages, and there is no extension like the built-in site templates. But it’s better than nothing, and there’s more to do – plus you get this builder with the basic account.

The responsive customer support, site migration tool free of cost and the max of powerful features as well as easy to use aspects for more experienced users

website hosting reviews

  1. Hostgator – the best shared web hosting

First Checkout the some best features of the Hostgator web hosting packages.

  1. Unmetered bandwidth
  2. $200 search credit
  3. Unmetered disk space
  4. 45-day money-back guarantee

Hostgator is a reliable web hosting services provider that offers a wide range of website hosting packages that also come with different domains to dedicated servers. Hostgator competitive prices are entirely affordable for everyone that also comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This applies to hosting their VPS just like any other hosting option.

Hostgator has designed three exclusive VPS hosting plans. These plans are started with the Snappy 2000, along with 120 GB disk space, 2 GB RAM, and 2 cores CPU. Customization is generous and should include all the most requested sites.

If necessary, one of the upgrades is the Snappy 4000, which updates 4 GB of RAM and 165 GB of storage. For the most requested sites that do not yet require a private server, you can choose the Snappy 8000, which is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, a 4-core processor, and 240 GB of storage.

Prices depend on whether you pay monthly or stick to one of their annual plans. For example, a Snappy 2000 VPS hosting plan costs $ 29.95 if you only want to pay each month, but if you stick to a 3-year contract, it becomes $ 19.95 a month.

Additional benefits include a 45-day money-back guarantee, not to mention free transfers to new accounts during the first month after requesting membership. If you’re happy to stay, here’s a lot to like, given the minimal impact on your portfolio.

website hosting reviews

3.Hostwinds – The ideal dedicated website hosting reviews

First Checkout the best features of the Hostwinds dedicated web hosting packages.

  1. High-spec servers available
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. SSL Security

The Hostwinds offers a set of additional options that can be further customized according to your needs and budget. With the Hostwind website hosting package you can get the cheapest models of single quad-core processor that start from 8 GB of RAM. It is the ideal deal for everyday users

A wide range of customization options are available with a variety of RAID configurations and several available operating systems, including standard Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, or Fedora options, as well as Windows Server options.

Full server management is provided, which will be useful for those who do not want to be overwhelmed with the work duties of the service, as well as server monitoring and night backup are provided as part of the service.

If we have one criticism, it is that a control panel such as CPanel, Plesk, or Exim is not available as a standard that can simplify many server operations for users; However, if you contact Hostwinds, they will be happy to advise on the best option as a supplement if you do not feel comfortable setting up yourself.

website hosting reviews

4. Hostinger – Ultimate choice of Cloud Website Hosting

First Checkout the best features of the Hostinger cloud web hosting packages.

  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Free SSL certificate
  3. DDoS protection
  4. Disk Storage: 100GB

Hostinger is one of the prominent names in free web hosting providers through its 000webhosting brand. The more than Hostinger 30 million users are enjoying the lowest cloud web hosting package price.

Hostinger cloud web hosting users their own dedicated dashboard rather than then cPanel, so it can control better performance and features at a much lower cost. There is three Hostinger cloud hosting plans: Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Global. All these plans come with exclusive unlimited bandwidth and unlimited websites for their users.

The cloud startup plan comes with 2 CPUs, 3 GB of RAM and 100GB of SSD storage. The Cloud Professional Plan extends further 4 CPUs, 6 GB of RAM and 140 GB of SSD storage. Hostinger Cloud Global Plan further enhances 8 CPU, 16 GB RAM and 200 GB of storage capacity. The free SSL certificate also includes in all three Hostinger package.

The price depends on the duration of your commitment to the service. For a cloud launch plan, it costs $ 29.99 per month. However, if you stick to one year, the monthly cost becomes $ 12.95 per month. It’s $ 9.95 a month for a two-year contract and $ 7.45 a month for a four-year contract.

5. InMotion – The Best reseller Web Hosting

First Checkout the best features of the InMotion reseller web hosting packages.

  1. WordPress hosting
  2. Business hosting
  3. Web design services
  4. 24×7-US-based support

InMotion hosting is a famous brand that has been offering a popular web hosting services for 15 years. With the impressive range of website hosting plans which include reseller hosting.

All Inmotion plans include assisted with migration and setup support. This is particularly useful for those coming from other web hosts. With the inmotion you do no need to worry about the server-side. InMotion will do it very well only for you.

For those who have a plan to become a reseller of web hosting plan, InMotions reseller plan is the best choice that comes with a free WHMCS license that will greatly help you to generate invoices of your customers automatically.

InMotion hosting plan provides free cPanel and Softaculous panels. Great technical support is available round the clock. During testing, our website hosting experts found that InMotion brand performance is wonderful and at an excellent level. This is a good sign for those customers that are looking to visit the fast loading site.

The beginner Reseller Plan comes with 80 GB of storage and 800 GB of bandwidth and can accommodate up to 25 accounts. The prices for it are 26.59 USD per month, but the rate is discounted with the term you stick to, so the cheapest option is 15.39 USD per month if you sign a contract for two years.

Other plans raise limits and prices accordingly, and if there is a 90-day money-back guarantee that you are not satisfied with the service.