Telemedicine Software Development

What are the advantages of Telemedicine Software platforms for healthcare providers?

Telemedicine software development solutions have been rapidly growing in all sectors of the healthcare industry. It has emerged as an essential solution fighting against the covid-19 pandemic due to its potential to reduce cost and provide healthcare services to patients using advanced and robust telecommunication technology. 


What is a telemedicine software platform?


The telemedicine software platform allows doctors to communicate with patients and exchange videos and photos. This software platform is They aim to integrate with a doctor’s electronic health record and scheduling software.

Why is a telemedicine software development platform important?


According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the Affordable Care Act has provided health care coverage to about 16.4 million previously uninsured individuals. While this is excellent news for people who now have access to health care, it adds to an already overburdened system. Telehealth software is one approach to serve more patients in less time while also lowering the cost of patient check-in and waiting rooms.


Furthermore, the number of elderly and chronically ill patients is rapidly increasing. That’s why 33 states have passed telemedicine reimbursement parity legislation, with more on the way.


The component of the telemedicine software platform

While there are a variety of telemedicine software solutions on the market, each with its own set of features, the top ones have the following critical qualities.

1- EHR integration

Providers want telemedicine software that brings a new way to deliver services without increasing complexity. With the EHR integration, adding video visits to the mix without additional function.


2- Mobile apps for patients

The telemedicine software platform’s goal is to make it as simple as possible for patients to receive the quality care they access from any location. That’s why having both a mobile app and the ability to utilize a browser is critical. Patients may connect in whatever method is most convenient for them, no matter where they are.


3- Verification of Eligibility

Providers need assurance that they get repay, for each video visit. As a result, the most comprehensive telemedicine software contains a rules engine that verifies payment eligibility at the time of the appointment.


4- Hipaa compliant video

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that all video communications be secure enough to protect patient privacy. There are several reasons why the providers choose telemedicine technology over consumer-grade video conferencing options like Facetime or Skype, which aren’t HIPAA-compliant.


5- personalized branding

It is one of the best options to brand your telemedicine app with the style and logo that your patients are familiar with. Patients can receive the same quality of care they expect from your team.


6- Built-in Support

No matter how simple to use the telemedicine software platform is, there will be no question from time to time. As a result, practices should go for technology that enables in-app assistance for problem resolution in real-time.


Benefits telemedicine software platform for providers

1- Efficiency

By lowering the number of people in the waiting room and the pressure on administrative personnel, the ability to see patients through video makes practices more efficient. When done correctly, video visits can allow doctors to see more patients in a single day.

2- Flexibility

Because telemedicine technology allows both the physician and the patient to be anywhere during a visit, clinicians have more flexibility in when and where they treat patients. The hours of the office might be extended or made more flexible.

3- Better Health Results

It is simple to schedule an appointment in telemedicine apps after the removal of the transportation barrier. There is a high chance to improve the patient’s outcomes.

4- Fewer no-shows and cancellations at the last minute

Transportation, child care, and work-related concerns are less likely to prevent patients from making their appointments with video visits.


Many telemedicine application development solution companies such as SISGAIN made it possible to deliver the best healthcare services to patients. They promise to deliver a high-quality, dynamic solution that is rich in technology. Their aim is to give clients dynamic, durable, and superior technology while also delivering 100% customer satisfaction through new and cost-effective concepts. Developers of high quality strive to disrupt the industry by supporting innovation and change while also providing outstanding services.

Telemedicine application development solutions allow healthcare practitioners to remotely monitor patients in order to track and document any small or large changes in their health status. RPM also eliminates the need for patients to travel to unfamiliar healthcare institutions without their families during inclement weather.