acrylic photo printing

What Are the Benefits of Acrylic Photo Printing?

Acrylic photo printing is a process by which you can have your picture directly printed on the rear face of transparent acrylic frame. It is a modern approach to keeping photos at home or office. You would see people wowing over it. Also, these are incredibly vibrant and sleek. Know More About It Acrylic Photo Printing.

Beautiful and sharp

Wall-mounted photo acrylics can be printed directly on 1/4 acrylic, creating the beautiful clarity of a polished glass look. Acrylic photo printing directly on UV-resistant transparent acrylics results in lower-resolution prints – which are lacking in depth and sharpness. Other acrylic prints are printed directly on the acrylic by flatbed printers, but the resolution cannot match that of photo paper prints and face-mounting options that are used by the best photo printing agencies.

When your images are printed on metal card stock (printed on top-quality photographic paper – sugar-coated or metal) first, and then face-mounted to UV-resistant transparent acrylic, your photo can get printed on high-resolution, archival-quality metallic photo paper with Epson archival inks. When you look at your print, you will be looking through acrylic glass (plexiglass). Therefore, it can become a meaningful heirloom for all times to come.

Varied sizes

You can have your photos printed on Acrylic at minimum sizes of 4×4 inches, up to sizes of 114×70 inches. There is the assurance of complete acrylic photo printing customizability when printing a photo under acrylic so that you get the piece of art that is as big or small as you want it to be. Your acrylic prints can be of spoke sizes, with however many sections are need, arrange to be place where they will be of your needs.

All you have to do is to design your plexiglass prints with your own custom contours and have precision cutting to fit. The best acrylic photo printing studios cut acrylic sheets in-house and can cut any custom sizes that you want, ranging from 4×6 up to 48×96, with no additional costs.


Gone are those days when photo frames used to get damage because of water or dampness on the wall. With these acrylic photo printings, you can get photo frames that will not get harm by water or any kind of dampness. This is one of the great reasons for choosing acrylic photo printing.

Bright, vivid appearance

When UV print system is use, you assure that your acrylic pictures will keep that bright, vivid appearance for years. Acrylic photo printing on acrylic glass commonly used because of its spectacular shiny appearance and depth effect on all prints. Second-surface prints are print backwards, so that clear acrylic materials are place above the print piece on the viewing side.

  • You can customize prints with customizable elements, shapes, and mounting options using a user-friendly design platform.
  • Choose the thickness for your acrylic glass plates, and acrylic finish (glossy for vibrant images, or matte discrete, non-reflective photos).

The HD Acrylic prints with a standard glass cleaning solution, or simply soap and water with 100% cotton fabric.

Ensures high-quality decorative pieces

Today, thanks to competitive acrylic photo printing prices, you can have your own luxury acrylic prints made for your home or business. Acrylic wall prints are attach using hanging hardware, creating a floating effect for your photos, and giving you that modern edge. You can flaunt it anywhere giving the room a completely different appearance. So, give it a try!