What is the Mission of The SEO Consultant?

The SEO consultant is an expert in digital marketing. Its primary mission is to position a website among the first results in a search engine. Indeed, the audience of a web media or a website is largely linked to the optimization of natural referencing. The SEO expert is both a consultant and a technician. He is a content specialist who knows how to organize a web page and select the right keywords, as part of an acquisition strategy. Also, he is able to carry out the audit of a website to detect structural problems, propose the creation of new web pages, and optimize a website. He, therefore, has serious IT, marketing, and communication skills. The SEO consultant can work within a company, in a web agency, or as a freelancer.

The seo consultant in Pakistan works to position the website in the first results of search engines. His mission is segmented into three blocks: Audits, implementation, and performance analysis:


The purpose of SEO audits is to detect all the factors blocking the progress of the site in the search engines on 3 themes:

The technical audit: HTML, index ability, crawl optimization.

Semantic audit: keywords, markup, structuring of information

The popularity audit: net linking, cleaning, social networks.


The SEO consultant goes after identifying the problems encountered on the site to guide and accompany his client in the implementation of the SEO recommendations emanating from the audits, and choice of keywords.


The SEO consultant, after integrating and applying all the recommendations, will carry out a permanent tracking of the positions and the traffic generated through the search engines in order to have visibility of the commercial impact of the SEO strategy.

It can also lead to work on the popularity of a site by optimizing social media and the virility of published content (SMO: Social Media Optimization), but this is not its core activity.


The SEO consultant can work as a freelancer with a varied clientele at the advertiser where he focuses on the SEO strategy of a brand and its universe, or in an SEO agency where he will be entrusted with multiple accounts. However, the agency SEO consultant will benefit from increased learning of multiple SEO techniques due to the diversity of the problems encountered. At the advertiser, he will be able to apply and experiment in more depth with SEO techniques, however restricting himself to a field of activity. In very competitive sectors, it is preferable to internalize the SEO and to have a team of dedicated SEO consultants. Because the technical and editorial effort must be permanent.


From BAC+2 to BAC+5 level, SEO expert consultant training is in full development. Even if this profession is relatively recent, digital schools offer continuing education and work-study courses to train future SEO consultants. At the end of his training, an expert in natural referencing can apply for a web marketing or referencing agency. For employees or freelancers, there are many opportunities today.

The need for better SEO is and is once again becoming a priority for all sectors. With SEA remaining a very expensive acquisition lever in competitive domains. The SEO consultant, therefore, sees a bright future on the horizon with prospects for development. Such as SEO Analytics Consultant, Technical SEO Consultant, Web Editor, or SEO Project Manager.

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