Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player 2

Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player 2

If anyone can give the present generations a piece of the 60s of the last century, this is Xiaomi. Looking at the new version of the compact Bluetooth speakers  Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player 2 , the “Wise men say …” motif sweeps through my head. Admittedly, the refined performance of the dynamics in the spirit of retro attracted the attention of fans of the brand. Call it a mini-radio or “smart” column – everything is as it is.

Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player 2

The body of milky color with a three-layer color under the “Cadillac” does not collect fingerprints and is equipped with a chrome handle. The latter not only serves as a carrier but also serves as a stand, allowing the column to be positioned so that the satellite grid looks up at an angle. The wideband 52 mm neodymium speaker inside guarantees good sound quality and, according to experts, creates a sense of volume.

Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player 2 Connection

But …  Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player 2  is not just a wireless speaker, but the real portable radio. Using the mobile application, you can tune 12 radio stations on it that will work without connecting a smartphone via Bluetooth. They are switched using a central mechanical toggle switch on the body. The second toggle switch is responsible for setting the volume, and the third for switching modes: bluetooth and AUX. They will be needed to listen to music from a playlist of a smartphone (Android or iOS) via a Bluetooth interface or wired connection with an AUX cable.

Final Words

So far, the gadget is presented solely in the Chinese market, and its cost is $ 74 We didn’t locate it on AliExpress at the time of writing, however, the company’s first column, Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player B612, released in autumn 2018, is on sale. Its cost distinctly decreases (about 70$), however, it doesn’t look as pompous as the up to date second version.

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