Xiaomi Loock CatY, a digital Smartlock

Xiaomi Loock CatY

It’s no secret that Xiaomi is seriously aiming at a niche device for a smart home, gradually filling it with new devices. The advanced eye of Xiaomi Loock CatY (its full name sounds like Xiaomi Loock CatY Edition) fits perfectly into their cohort. Let’s see what is so advanced in him, but at the same time, we will think about why changing the usual door peephole to it. Have you ever turned off the lights at the site? This is one of those cases when you can’t see a damn in the peephole, but for Xiaomi Loock CatY this is not a hindrance. He perfectly “sees” in the dark.

Xiaomi Loock CatY

Xiaomi Loock CatY Camera

The camera built into the peephole has a viewing angle of 166 degrees and is capable of recording everything happening outside the door in HD resolution (1280 × 720 pixels). If the door is dark, infrared LEDs come to the rescue to help the camera recognize people in the dark. All data is displayed on a 7-inch display (1024×600 pixels), which is located in the apartment. Attach it to the inner side of the door, otherwise, it will not zafurychit. But, this is not all the chips with which Xiaomi Loock CatY can impress.

Xiaomi Loock CatY Excellent Protections

The soft stuffing allows the peephole to not only fix and show you uninvited guests, but also to determine their gender and age, as well as to recognize people living in an apartment. And, by the way, it’s not at all necessary to make the peephole constantly active and spend the battery’s electricity to support its work. The settings allow you to set the automatic activation of the peephole: that is, as soon as he notices movement within a radius of three meters, he immediately turns on and starts recording video.

Xiaomi Loock CatY Features

Videos can be recorded on the built-in memory (here it is 4 GB), or sent to the cloud storage or to the home server via the home Wi-Fi network. If the software stuffing suspects an intrusion attempt at your apartment (breaking the lock or suspicious fussing at the door), a notification will be sent to the MiHome app on the apartment’s smartphone. You can even set up a Xiaomi Loock CatY voice alert for attackers or the inclusion of a siren, which at least violates the plans of potential criminals. And welcome guests, on the contrary, will be able to leave you a video message if they do not find you at home.


It was naive to believe that the capabilities of the peephole would end with the listed functions. This is Xiaomi. Here, the functions are a dime a dozen, and we finally got to the most important thing – the integration of the eye into the smart home system. For example, Xiaomi Loock CatY can give commands to other sensors in the house (surveillance cameras, motion sensors, roller shutter controls, etc.). And it does not have to be the “Xiaomi” technique. It will be logical if, when trying to break in, the peephole “asks” the corresponding sensor to close the blinds on the windows. And in case you forgot your keys, a smart peephole, working in conjunction with the advanced Xiaomi LOOCK Classic Smart Fingerprint Lock, will let you into the house.

There is only one question left: what about autonomous work? How often do you have to recharge the eye from the mains? Taking into account the battery capacity of 8400 mAh, the manufacturer says about 60 days of work on a single charge. As soon as the charge goes down to the 10% bar, a notification about the need to recharge will come to the user’s smartphone again. The cost of the device is small – 125 Dollars, and it is recommended to install it on doors with a thickness of 3.5 to 11 cm. But remember that we live in Russia, where such careless neighbors can simply be broken by careless neighbors. Or spy on his outer part.

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